Long distance healing

Long Distance Energy Healing has been found to be a viable alternative to visiting the healer in person. The healer will access and connect with the client's Energy Field despite the fact that they are not in the same location. In fact, the distance has proven not to be an obstacle; it has been shown that being in the next room is no different from being in the next country or even the next continent.

The client has the potential, as is true for Healings in person, to increase the effect of a healing through his/her openness to make change in his/her life.

In practical terms, the healing session begins with the healer andclient establishing a connection over the phone;during this conversation, the client will present his/her concern(s), and, in essence, the reason for requesting a healing. The healing proceeds after the telephone connection has been terminated and at the end of the session the Healer and Client speak about the content of the session.

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